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Office address:Room 1001, No. 29, Ziwei Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Chinaconsult
About Us

About Us

Guangzhou Bali Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in resin (adhesive) series products, including PU adhesive, spray adhesive, all-purpose adhesive, graft adhesive, primer, raw/powder adhesive, curing agent, cleaning agent, etc., with a total of more than 100 varieties. Our products can meet the needs of all kinds of materials bonding of all shoe factories, shoe materials factories, luggage handbag factories, sofa furniture factories, automobile interior factories, and other manufacturers.

  On this basis, the Bali resin products are not only sold well in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in China, but also have a worldwide marketing network. The products are widely exported to Canada, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Africa, the Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, Cuba, Bangladesh, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and other countries and regions.